Tuesday, April 18, 2006

IBNLive : Letter from Bhavik Gandhi


Letter from Bhavik Gandhi


ABORTED ATTEMPT: Bhavik Gandhi will now cross the Atlantic only after the hurricane season.

An adventurer of Indian origin is taking the same route as Christopher Columbus did in an effort to create a world record. Bhavik Gandhi, a Mumbai-born Indian now based in Sweden, wants to conquer the Atlantic, rowing 3000 nautical miles (5000 km) from La Gomera in Spain to Antigua. An intrepid sea adventurer, Gandhi is aiming to enter the record books by becoming the first Asian to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

However, he has recently aborted his attempt to cross the Atlantic till after the hurricane season. Bhavik will now resume his voyage in October this year.

In a letter to IBN live, Bhavik explains why he had to stop mid-voyage.

To the team at IBN Live,

Thanks for the supporting my Atlantic attempt.

Knowing when to turn back is as important as knowing when to push forward.

There is a precarious thin line that separates the striving to achieve something and the obsession with the achievement that excludes common sense.

To survive it is known where to draw the line.

Getting to the starting point has been an incredibly massive task.

From boat design, training, financing, equipment, logistics etc.

Turning back just 4 days into the ocean was a difficult decision, in the light of all the media coverage, anticipation by sponsors, supporters and fans.

However, the setback with bad weather during the first two days and the onset of the hurricane season on the first of June, forced my to re-evaluate the decision to press ahead.

The hurricane season in the Atlantic is not something that could be ignored. While 60 days may have been sufficient for a crossing, the margin of error required (40 days) for a worse case scenario, overran into the hurricane season.

In the interest of protecting life, the project and the investment by the sponsors, supporters and the media, I took the difficult to turn back and wait out the hurricane season.

Therefore, I will re-attempt the record after the hurricane season in October.

Till then, I will be at the Canary Islands for the next 5 months, training.

My progress log on the website will continue as usual.

Thanks again for your support and understanding.


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