Saturday, April 15, 2006

All at sea to set a record or two...


All at sea to set a record or two...

Aabhas Sharma / New Delhi April 15, 2007

Author George Bernard Shaw, when asked why he hadn’t written his autobiography, had responded that everyone’s life has a certain predictable pattern to it. You are born, you grow up, do things that grown-ups do, and then one day you die. Shaw saw no point in chronicling this mundane everyday existence that most people live. Bhavik Gandhi, by contrast, by the age of 27 years has already done and experienced enough to fill several books. Right now Gandhi, a venture capitalist and an adventure sports enthusiast, is trying to become the first Indian and Asian to row solo across the Atlantic.

Speaking via satellite, phone Gandhi says, “I’m lucky to be speaking to you right now as two days ago I was almost run over by a huge ship.” This is just one of the many hurdles that the vast ocean has to offer. Having completed almost 40 days of being at sea, he hopes to complete the expedition in another 75 days.

Gandhi set off solo across the Atlantic Ocean on February 28, 2007 from La Restinga on the island of El Hierro off the coast of Spain and is expected to reach his destination, Antigua, 3,000 nautical miles away, later than the expected 90 days. “It looks like it will take a lot more time as something or the other has been slowing me down,” he says. ...  Read

All at sea to set a record or two...

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