Monday, February 27, 2006

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Indian embarks on solo Atlantic voyage

In 1493, European explorer Christopher Colombus sailed this route. When he landed in Antigua in the Carrribean Islands, he thought he had arrived in India. And now, 600 years later, it's a small co-incidence that an adventurer of Indian origin is taking the same route in an effort to create a world record.
Bhavik Gandhi, a Mumbai-born Indian now based in Sweden, wants to conquer the Atlantic, rowing 3000 nautical miles (5000 km) from La Gomera in Spain to Antigua. An intrepid sea adventurer, Gandhi is aiming to enter the record books by becoming the first Asian to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
Gandhi began his journey to set a new world record as the fastest rower to cross the Atlantic Ocean all by himself on April 11. According to reports, Gandhi started his journey at 1700 hrs from La Gomera in Spain and aims to reach Antigua in 90 days. He will row 10 to 12 hours at a stretch each day.
Sea rowing is a rigorous endurance sport and an ultimate test of mental and physical endurance. Gandhi's daredevilry will pit him not just against the vagaries of nature, but also creatures of the deep like sharks and killer whales.
The 29-year-old, the first Indian to undertake such a challenge, will follow the route taken by Christopher Colombus. He will also cross the infamous Bermuda Triangle. �I have long been involved in various endurance challenges like distance running, mountain climbing, sailing, cycling from Stockholm to Istanbul, trekking across Siberia in minus 30�C temperatures," Gandhi says.
"When I look back at these experiences now, it seems as if, through these seemingly unconnected events, I was preparing for this once-in-a-lifetime challenge - becoming the first Asian to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean,� he adds.
Being on a solo journey, he will be equipped with a laptop, an iPod, a satellite phone, GPS tracking system and a SeeMe device which enable his boat to be tracked by bigger ships.
However, his boat will have no sails, motors or support ship and he will rely only on his muscle power. Till date only 32 people have survived the arduous journey. will track Gandhi's historic journey and mark his progress. Click here to send your wishes to Bhavik Gandhi.

IBNLive > Bhavik Gandhi > 1 Man, 1 Boat, 3,000 Miles

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