Wednesday, February 8, 2006

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Young man and the sea

New Delhi, Feb. 8 (PTI): Being out on the sea, alone in a non-motorised boat for 90 days and at the mercy of storms and big liners, is not everyman would wish for. But that is exactly what young Bhavik Gandhi would be attempting to accomplish when he tries to cross the Atlantic ocean all by himself later this month.

Beginning February 20, Gandhi, a 28-year old Mumbai-born entrepreneur and an endurance athlete, will try to become the first Indian and Asian to row solo and unassisted across the Atlantic from La Gomera, Spain, to Antigua, Barbados.

Gandhi will be unassisted -- no motor, no sails to power his boat, nor any support ship to guide him -- through his 5,000-km voyage.

"I find it a challenge, a very enjoying experience as well, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally," the Stockholm-based Indian told PTI over phone.

Gandhi is not a novice when it comes to extreme or adventure sport. A self-proclaimed distance running and swimming addict, he has trekked through the Baikal Lake in Siberia in winter and cycled 3,000 miles all the way from Stockholm to Istanbul.

Yet, Gandhi is not a hulk. Son of lawyer-parents, he holds a B.Sc in Management and Information Systems and an M.Sc in Engineering Information Systems. His present work involves investments in generation-next network technologies.

"I guess it is time management," he says of his ability to combine his profession and pastime.

The Hindu News Update Service

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