Sunday, February 19, 2006

1 man, 1 boat and 3,450 miles of sea


1 man, 1 boat and 3,450 miles of sea

Indian hopes to break record rowing across Atlantic, solo


Posted online: Sunday, February 19, 2006 at 0118 hours IST

NEW DELHI I FEBRUARY 18: There will be sharks, killer whales, icebergs, the currents, the risk of running into huge ships and, above all, the grim facts of hypothermia. But for Bhavik Gandhi, set to row 3,000 nautical miles (approximately 3,450 land miles) across the Atlantic Ocean, these are challenges he loves, to push himself beyond his own boundaries.

Gandhi, 29, aiming at a new world record on the route, sets off on his voyage on February 28, rowing solo an estimated 90 days at sea, non-stop and unsupported. All this on a 23-foot boat that will have no sails, no motor and without any support boat or ship following. The route he wants to take during his voyage is the one that Christopher Columbus — from La Gomera in Spain to Antigua in Barbados.


1 man, 1 boat and 3,450 miles of sea

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