Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ocean Rowing Society Press "First ever Asian to attempt the Cross-Atlantic record"


Alone on a boat, he plans to cross the Atlantic

SOMETIMES, you take on life’s toughest challenges during the most unpredictable of moments.
Like Bhavik Gandhi’s (27) telephone call to Rune Larsson, one of the world’s best extreme-distance runners, on a fine winter morning in 2004.
The conversation fortified Sweden-based Gandhi’s split-second resolve made during a cycling expedition in Istanbul: To row across the Atlantic Ocean, solo.
Only 32 successful attempts have been made at rowing solo across the world’s second largest ocean. And Gandhi will spend an estimated 90 days rowing nonstop from Spain to Barbados—that’s 3,000 nautical miles or 5,000 km—across the Atlantic, on a 23-ft long boat.

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