Friday, September 30, 2005

September 30, 2005 1 in a billion. From Spain to Barbados in a rowing boat. Stockholm, Sweden (PRWEB)

Bhavik Gandhi, 27, will attempt to row 3000 nautical miles (5000 km) across the Atlantic Ocean, solo and unsupported, from Spain to Barbados.
Starting in December 2005, he will undertake one of the worlds toughest human powered endurance challenges, spending an estimated 90 days at sea in a 23 ft rowing boat. Relying on muscle-power alone for the crossing, he will also have to endure extreme weather conditions in the open ocean, gale force winds, ships, sharks and icebergs.
If successful, he will be the first Indian to row across an ocean and also be one of the 32 people in the world to have ever accomplished this feat.
The Cross Atlantic Row will raise funds for United Way, a global a non-profit organisation.
About Bhavik Gandhi
Bhavik was born in Mumbai, India and presently lives in Stockholm, Sweden where he works with venture capital and technology startups. Amongst his other extreme endurance achievements, he has cycled 3000 km across Europe in a record 6 weeks.
About Ocean Rowing
Ocean rowing as a sport is unique in terms of its difficulty, exceptional length, and demands on physical and mental endurance This record attempt is supported by the Ocean Rowing Society.
For additional information, contact Accord PR or visit the official challenge website at

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